Trouble is upon us.  We are not just talking about the world in general but specifically here in the United States.  Locally, people are arming themselves with guns and bullets in anticipation of some major catastrophic event. We agree that security will be an important component but that is not our main focus. We agree that the event or events will be beyond most people’s imagination and have the potential to put things into chaos (much like we are seeing in the Middle East today).  It is naïve and even prideful to think the as Delta County residents, we will escape the approaching tumult.  Rather than throw our hands up and declare the problem “too big” for us to ponder, we believe it is our duty to prepare.

We believe the best antidote, for the coming troubles, which will involve shortages of food and water, is to prepare not only too help blood kin but our neighbor as well.  If those of us, who have the resources, will set aside basic provisions for just one other person or family, it will go a long way towards mitigating the effects of these coming troubles.  We believe the churches should become actively involved in preparing to feed large numbers of refugees migrating out of large cities.  Most have commercial kitchens and, as during Hurricane Katrina, will become quite valuable, as they were during that warm up exercise.  At Emergency Prep World, we are specializing in basic, long term food storage since none of us can know the exact timing of the need.  We invite you to explore our website ( to learn more.  You can also come in and visit us at the Laughing Goat Farmer’s Market, so we can walk you through some basic survival plans for you, your family, and your neighbor.