Coming apart or coming together- PART 3

Jesus said, “Those that have ears, listen!  I am calling you to awaken from the delusion of the privileged”.  In general, in America, we believe that the troubles of Greece, Venezuela, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, are something “over there” and simply couldn’t happen here.  But I am here to warn you that it is coming to your very own doorstep.

With our material wealth, including our 401Ks, IRAs, teachers’ retirement, annuities, and/or social security, we have a vested interest in not seeing what is coming.  Soon, for all practical purposes, we will all be broke together.  We will all be in the same boat.  In Part 2, I encouraged you to begin constructing a plan for a safe place of refuge when the troubled times come here to the US.  What is coming will overwhelm whatever is left of our local, state, and federal relief structures.

The first person you want to invite into your “rescue” boat is Jesus Christ.  He alone can keep your ship afloat.  Without Him in your safe place, there is no hope.  With Him, it will be hard enough.  We will not escape the coming troubles.  The question is, will we be a light in the darkness when the time comes.

Our churches must rise to the occasion. Many, maybe even most, suffer from the same delusion of the privileged.  The wealthier donors often have an outsized influence on the church agendas having bought into the myth of progress with its’ inherent prosperity gospel. I do believe that not only must churches rise to the occasion; I believe they can and will.

The truth is that your safe place will be in the midst of other believers who share your same values and moral code.  If you do not have a church family, form one.  Remember Christ said, “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.  Matthew 18:20 (NLT)” We will desperately need the organizational structure of all our current houses of worship to have a chance with what is coming upon us.