Simple methods of Purifying Water- PART 5

Most of us take clean drinking water for granted.   Water treatment plants, without question, are responsible for saving more lives than all physicians, hospitals and all the antibiotics ever produced combined.

Clean water is extremely important to your health, particularly to us Americans who are so adapted to it.  Our gut bacteria have become so accustomed to the absence of significant bacterial, viral, protozoal, and infectious cystic challenges.  The “herd immunity” to many of the water borne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera is extremely low and will put us at risk during the upcoming hard times.  That’s why being able to disinfect water and keep it potable is of supreme importance.  A good deep well is going to be the most reliable source of bacteria free water.

The four most common ways of disinfection your water are boiling, chlorine  (bleach), iodine, and certified filters.

If you start with grossly dirty water, you can use a simple coffee filter to get out the big pieces of debris.

Although boiling may be the most inconvenient, it is absolutely the most reliable to insure safe water.  You need to bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute.  Allow it to cool on its own.  This will ensure the killing off of all organisms and cysts.  Boiling has no effect on chemical or radiation pollutants.

Your cheapest and easily accessible form of chlorine for sterilization is liquid chlorine bleach such as Clorox or Purex without any soaping agents.  The label on these products will direct their usage.  Do not use powdered bleach.

Iodine tablets are useful for small quantities of water used in an emergency situation.  You can purchase these at pharmacies, sporting goods stores or Walmart.  You do not want to use iodine long term as it has other unwanted health effects.

Lastly, portable water filters which are certified for purification to remove cysts, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa are the most convenient way to disinfect moderate amounts of water.  Be sure to read all the instructions and carry an extra filter with you.  We include one of the best water filters on the market in our Noah Bucket and our 10 day/2 person Emergency Back pack to help you begin to prepare.

You need to become a clean water expert so start reading and planning now.