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Be ready for any emergency at home, work, or in your car with this packed and ready to go 2-Person, 7 Day Emergency Backpack Kit! A complete and portable assembly of emergency preparedness supplies for 2 people that will keep you fed, hydrated, warm and dry for 7 days. Designed for any type of emergency, including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and terrorist attacks. Throw one in your trunk, under your work desk and the closet of your kid’s dorm room to prepare everyone in your family for an emergency situation. This 2-Person Emergency Survival Backpack Kit allows you to stay in one place until help arrives or you can strap it on and move to safety.

The food is sealed and has a 20+ year shelf life in freeze-dried food pouches. Stranded outside because of an earthquake or some sort of loss of shelter? No problem, this deluxe 7-day kit even has an emergency tent, camping stove and waterproof matches. This Survival Kit has more gear to keep you protected in the event of an emergency.

This 2 Person 7 Day Emergency Backpack Kit is New in the package and is factory fresh the day it is purchased.

This kit is wonderful for home, work, car, or wherever.

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EQUIPMENT:Backpack, Emergency blanket (2), Cleaning Wipes (36 count), Stainless steel cup w handle, Utensils (set of 3) metal, 20” Wire pocket saw, LED Flashlight, 5 in 1 Survival tool w/ whistle (matches included), Mini water filtration system (filters up to 100,000 gallons of water), Butane Lighter, Trash bags – 13 gallon (25 count), Multi-tool pocket knife, 4 pcs. Measuring spoon set, Emergency stove w/ fuel cells, Para cord (30 feet), Hand Sanitizer (1.5oz), Coffee filter (25 count), Bandages – assorted sizes (24 count)

CONSUMABLES:Anti-Diarrheal (12 count), Ibuprofen (24 count), Daily Multivitamin (30 count), Datrex Bars (18 servings), Cream of Wheat (28 servings), Cheesy Broccoli Rice dehydrated meal (6 servings), Creamy Chicken and Rice dehydrated meal (7.5 servings ), Creamy Potato soup dehydrated meal (6 servings), Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup dehydrated meal (6 servings)

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2 reviews for Emergency Survival Backpack 7 day, Camo

  1. Dorsey Coe

    Wow! Unbelievable how you fit all that stuff inside the pack!

  2. Barbara Sommer

    I looked around and this price with the products you have is amazing! I bought 3, thank you!

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