Noah Bucket

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2 Week – 2 person Emergency Bucket – Family kit to help care for your loved ones in the event of a disaster.

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Bucket, 7 gal, Wipes, Antibacterial, Emergency Stove w/8 fuel tabs, Utensils, set of 3 metal , Cord, 550, 30′, Emergency Blanket,53×83 -2ea, Daily Vitamin, Pain reliever, Anti-Diarrheal, Band-Aids, assorted, Garbage Bags, Water Purification, 100,000 gal capacity, Stainless steel cup, 18 oz , Emerg. Whistle, 5 in 1 tool w/matches (includes compass), Coffee filters, 50 , Lighters, 2 ea., Matches, W/P, Germ X, Foldable Knife, 4″ blade, Flashlight, LED 3″, Cable Saw, 24″, Measuring Cup/spoon, Bandanas, 2’x2′ – 2 ea, 5 Gal water container w/spigot, 2 dental health kits, knife sharpener

FOOD: Peanut Butter, Datrex Bars, Drink Mix, Chocolate drink mix, Hard candy, Cream of Wheat, Honey, Five (5) freeze-dried meals choices, multiple servings

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Weight 50 lbs

2 reviews for Noah Bucket

  1. Dorsey Coe

    Well thought out storage and contents

  2. 98Junior

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